domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

the climb

Gentem, quanto tempo!
Today I want to write in English. Not to complicate people’s life, you can Google it and understand it. It’s just a wish, I don’t know, just practicing :)

You know, sometimes it get’s harder to decide what to do with my empty time. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff going on, and at the same time nothing is really happening. I’m a dreamer, always wanting things, I keep trying, making mistakes, well, the only thing I know for certain is that someday I’ll do the right thing, and maybe I’ll be rewarded for all this effort.

People keep telling me that nothing that comes easily into our lives is really good for us. It’s easy said than done. I mean, you prepare yourself to the bad things but you still believe that it’s possible. Then it breaks, and you have doubts, you get discouraged, pass through a time of learning. This ain’t easy, dude.

Why does it seem so hard to me and so easy to that guy? Of course I know it’s ‘cause we can only see our “behind the scenes”. It’s almost the same of looking at an athlete and criticize him; we should know that maybe we can’t do half of what he’s doing. This is the life.
I’m trying to say that “Ok ma’am, I know this is a hard way, but let me tell ya: I’ll never stop trying. It’s better late than never. Sun will shine on me. I got too far, if I am here why should I give up?”

We ain’t got fully and happy satisfied times if we don’t have to pass through hard times. Then you ask me “Hey dear, what can I do then?” At first, let me tell you that maybe I’m wrong, but ‘till here, I noticed that what we can do is being strong, keeping our heads held high, looking for lessons in the middle of our mistakes, hoping that success is getting close, being humble, trying over and over again, and mainly, we must believe in God.

I’m writing this because now is one of those hard times. I’m thinking about giving up, because I planned so many things and almost nothing is going on like my plans. But, hey man, come here, closer, let me tell you a secret: our plans do not always coincide with the plans God has for us, but I’m sure that His plans are better. We’ll trust, resist, carry on, do, it’ll happen, we’ll be happy.
Laíse Moura
Pega leve, tava num dia de TPM.

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  1. Well, since the post is in english, why not the comment follow that idea?
    I could say I lot of things to you like "don't give up, keep going, you are strong" But I'll not do that. Hey if you want to take a break, that's ok, I can arrange a glass of water to you and when you start over, you'll be refreshed!

    The most important thing that I can say is that no matter what I'm here with ya, to hold your hand when you are tired or to cheer for you when you start runing into your way of success.
    Wish you the best, little sunshine!


Oi :) Fico feliz em ter você aqui. Eu adooro comentários! Pode escrever o que achou, vai me ajudar bastante! Obrigada, beijos.